What You Need To Know About ETA Canada

The ETA Canada is the latest requirements for the visa-exempt “foreign nationals” that plan to travel to Canada by air. These entry requirements became mandatory from the 15 March 2016. This allows the country of Canada to screen the travelers before arrival. This authorization is linked electronically to the person’s passport and will be valid for a period of 5 years or until such stage that the person’s passport has expired.

Who Will Need An ETA Canada?

Only the applicants that are holders of ETA eligible passports from the following countries are able to apply:




•Solomon Islands




•San Marino


•Saint Helena

•Republic of Korea



•Pitcairn Island

•Papua New Guinea


•New Zealand




















•Falkland Islands



•Czech Republic




•Cayman Islands

•Brunei Darussalam

•British Virgin Islands










In addition, these foreign nationals may also apply for an ETA:

•People who are admitted lawfully to the U.S. for permanent residence

•The British overseas citizens that have moved to other countires but are still re-admissible to the U.K.

•Holders of travel documents or passports issued by Holy See.

•Holders of national Israeli passports

•The holders of passports issued from the United Kingdom to British National as an individual born, registered or naturalized in the country of Hong Kong.

•Holders of ordinary passports that have been issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan which includes personal identification numbers of this individual.

Do You Need To Apply For ETAs Every Time You Travel?

No. Once you have received approval for your ETA, it will be valid for a period of 5 years or until such stage that your passport has expired.The ETA will fall away in regards to which comes first

What Should You Do If Your Application For Your ETA Is Not Approved Immediately?

While the majority of ETAs are issued within a few minutes, some may take a bit longer in order to process. If you find this is the case with your application, you may need to provide additional information for approval. You can also ask for assistance on the site that you choose to apply for your ETA on. There are also no age restrictions on the ETA.

Caravans For Sale In North Wales

The Different Financial Points To Consider When Searching Caravans For Sale North Wales

Purchasing a caravan is not an act many people consider, but when you are itching to satisfy cravings for holidays, then it is worthwhile.  While it may seem quite simple to find caravans for sale North Wales, this can be a complex issue regardless of the amount of caravans available.  This article will examine the financial factors to consider when purchasing your first caravan.  By taking the following information into account, you can be sure to make a cost-effective decision for future recreational outdoor trips.

•    The Plans For The Caravan

It is seen that caravans are now available at a range of prices making selection simpler and negotiation of bargains easier to complete.  However, it is recommended that you consider your financial standing before making the final purchase.  The first question you should ask yourself is whether or not the purchase is worthwhile and the future reasons for buying the caravan.  Is the purpose of the purchase to buy a vehicle used regularly or only once in the next three or four months?

If the plan is to use the caravan regularly, searching caravans for sale North Wales will be beneficial.  If you are buying one for the holiday season, then it may be more beneficial to hire a motor home or use a friend’s caravan.  This will be far more cost-effective and remove the need to maintain a caravan as a long-term investment.

•    The Budget At Hand

Before making a purchase, it is recommended that you identify the available budget at hand.  By drafting a budget beforehand, you will be able to determine which vans are affordable and which are not.  A cash-strapped individual working with a limited budget can make a list of the required features and find a beneficial Class B alternative instead of spending time trying to negotiate for a Class A camper van.

•    Consider Financing

If you do not have the money to finance a purchase of a luxury caravan for sale, then it may be beneficial to gain help from some financing firms.  Of course, this will be dependent on your current credit score and credit history; therefore, it is necessary to have a good credit history to obtain a good caravan purchase.  It is also useful to consider the insurance coverage involved when purchasing a caravan because coverage and checking repairs can be helpful for you finance-wise.

Important Information About Oakland International Airport Parking

When it comes to Oakland international Airport parking, there are many options available. The airport has thousands of parking spaces available, most of which are located in close proximity to the airport.

The most expensive parking option is Premier Parking. Conveniently located next to the terminal, this parking area makes it fast and easy to get to the airport. There are also a lot of other amenities associated with this type of parking. For instance, people who park in this lot can also get through the terminal security checkpoint faster since they are allowed to use special security lanes. They also have a chance to pick up a free newspaper and can enjoy complimentary water if they so choose.

A little bit further out from the Premier Parking area is the Hourly Parking area. This is a good option if you are only going to be at the airport for a short period of time. It is generally not a good choice for long-term parking since it costs almost as much as Premier Parking but doesn’t offer any of the perks.

The next level out is the Daily Parking area. With relatively low daily parking rates and easy access to the airport, this parking area provides a good balance between affordability and convenience. It is just a short walk from the parking lot to the terminal, making it a good option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on parking but also doesn’t want to park too far away.

If cost is your primary concern, you can also look at Economy Parking. There is a large low-cost parking lot located further away from the terminal. Although the lot is technically located close enough to the terminal to walk, there is also a shuttle service that can take you to and from your vehicle if you need assistance. The daily parking rates in this lot are the lowest rates available.

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of what to expect with Oakland International Airport parking. When deciding which option you want to choose, it is really a matter of finding a balance between the convenience of being able to park close to the airport and the reality of trying to stick within your budget. Ideally, you will be able to find a parking option that is close to the airport yet still affordable enough to fit easily within your price range.


An ESTA US visa is now a reality and anyone who is eligible for the visa waiver program will need to have an ESTA authorization before traveling into the United States. This is causing some confusion among travelers from different countries however the confusion need not be necessary because the US State Department has created an excellent website that will help any traveler with whatever question they have.

Some the questions that are being asked by travelers are what is an ESTA US visa? What is the difference between a visa and ESTA? What is the Visa waiver program? When must a person obtain ESTA authorization before they travel to the United States? If a person lives in Mexico or Canada is it necessary to apply for an ESTA application if they plan to drive into the United States? These and many other questions can be answered by visiting the government’s helpful website.

It is obvious that the government of the United States is serious about protecting its citizens. Throughout the world we see incidences of terror and destruction by terrorist groups who have no concern for human life. The United States does not want any of these terrorist acts to occur within its borders and they therefore have developed an online electronic authorization system to help honest citizens from other countries to legally enter into the United States.

The application for an ESTA visa authorization is simple to do. You will receive an answer to your application within a few minutes and in most cases it will be done within 20 minutes. There will be a fee charged for the processing which is $4 US. There will also be a fee charged for anyone that is approved of $10 US. If you are not approved for authorization then you will not have to pay anything except for the $4 US processing fee.

Once you have received your ESTA authorization you will be at able to enter into the United States as often as you wish within the time limit of visa. There will be a 90 day maximum time period for anyone to remain in the United States using this authorization. There is no set time limit yet established for how long of a duration is required before you can re-enter into the United States. However, it would not be advisable to re-enter too soon because this may appear as if you are trying to live in the United States.

Canada ETA

Canada ETA – A Quick Guide To The Application Process

Planning to travel abroad can at times feel rather overwhelming to say the least. It can seem like there are so many things to plan and organise and so little time to complete it all!

When it comes to travelling to Canada, organising an ETA for travel may initially seem like a rather daunting process. That’s why we have compiled a quick and clear guide to your Canada ETA application process – we hope it’s of help to you!

What Do You Need If You Want To Apply For A Canada ETA?

Applications must be accompanied by a valid passport, a credit card, a debit card and a valid email address.

What Types Of Credit Cards And Debit Cards Are Accepted?

For credit cards, you can provide Visa, American Express or MasterCard. Pre-paid forms of these cards are also acceptable.

For debit cards, you can provide Visa Debit, Interac and JCB.

How Much Does It Cost To Apply For A Canada ETA?

The cost of application for an ETA is $7 CAD.

How Long Does It Take To Apply For A Canada ETA?

The process is surprisingly quick. In fact, you can expect to have it completed within a few minutes.

How Long Is A Canada ETA Valid For?

Once you have obtained your ETA for travel to Canada, it will remain valid for a maximum of five years.

Are There Any New Requirements Which I Should Know About?

Foreign nationals who are visa-exempt now need an ETA if they plan to transit through Canada or fly to Canada. Exceptions to this are U.S. citizens and U.S. travellers who already have a valid Canadian visa.

Who Cannot Apply For An ETA?

Canadian permanent residents and Canadian citizens (this includes those who hold a dual citizenship) are not able to apply for an ETA.

Certainly, there are a number of factors involved in applying for a Canada ETA. That being said, the process does tend to be a quick, simple and straight-forward one. Understanding what is required to apply for an ETA, how much it costs, how long it will be valid for and any exceptions that apply, will make the process run as smoothly as possible.

Once you have successfully obtained your ETA all that is left to be done is enjoy your travel to the beautiful and memorable country of Canada.

Caravans For Sale In North Wales

All You Need To Know About Selecting And Buying Static Caravans For Sale In North Wales

If you are searching for static caravans for sale North Wales, you will find that you have an unlimited choice available as there are numerous holiday parks selling static caravans. As the units are ready to use types of accommodation, they are ideal for people looking for instant holiday homes. Of course, finding the idea caravan for your particular needs requires consideration of different factors. This article will provide information on the different points to take into account when selecting and buying static caravans in North Wales.

With a host of amenities available, the static caravans in this part of Wales are in high demand. While most of these parks have a buy back facility selling the caravan on your behalf, it is important you have an idea of the price you are willing to spend. Some individuals are willing to purchase a used caravan as it already presents with sitting space; however, others would rather spend money on a new caravan increasing the duration of use. Always draw up a budget and use this amount to decide whether to buy a new or used static caravan.

Size is a point to consider when selecting and buying a static caravan. The variability in size will determine whether or not the unit will meet your comfort needs. The majority of caravans present with a single model; however, the family units often offer upper areas along with the lower section. This can be highly beneficial, but it can also be more costly.

If you are considering selling your static caravan in North Wales, there are various points to take into account. It is important to note the commissions, taxes and site fees of the area before setting the selling price. Of course, if you are buying the caravan you should also examine these issues to review whether they are included in the initial price or considered add-on amounts.

The majority of individuals will use caravans as holiday sites; therefore, it is vital that you consider the type of accommodation permit. It is recommended that you review whether the caravan is a permanent residence or temporary accommodation and whether it meets your housing needs. The housing permit can be determined by contacting the housing authority or the caravan park owner.

Once a purchase has been made, it is important that all documents are accurately completed and signed by both seller and buyer. While it is not always necessary, it may be recommended that you contact a lawyer to check the details of the sale to ensure everything is in order.

Manchester Hotels

Saving On Manchester Hotels

If you’re traveling to Manchester, your hotel room is going to be one of your biggest expenses. Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to keep these cost down. As long as you follow these suggestions, you should be able to save on Manchester hotels and get the kind of room that you want for less.

Book Your Hotel Early

A lot of people wait until the last minute to book their hotel room. Unfortunately, this often causes them to pay a lot more than they have to. Hotel prices tend to go up as the amount of rooms available lowers.

Instead of waiting to book your hotel room, you should try to book your room ahead of time. You probably won’t have to pay for your entire vacation up front. There is a very good chance that you will be able to pay a small deposit. You may only have to provide your credit card information.

Keep A Watchful Eye On Travel Websites

There are travel websites that display the prices at various hotels. You can look at the prices in a specific location — like Manchester — and wait for those prices to drop.

If you watch travel websites, you’ll be able to secure the best deals on Manchester hotels. When the prices for hotels go down, you’ll be able to swoop in and book yourself a room. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is for you to secure the kind of hotel room that you want. You’ll be able to get a great hotel room, and you’ll be able to save a lot of cash.

Sign Up For Mailing Lists

Some travel website offer mailing lists. Some hotels offer this lists as well. If you aren’t on a list like this, you may want to add your name.

Special discounts and other incentives are frequently offered to people on these lists. As long as you play your cards right, you should be able to get a hotel room for far less than the standard price. You’ll have discounts sent directly to you.

If you’re going to be staying in Manchester, you are going to want to make sure you don’t spend too much on your hotel room. Following these simple tips should allow you to get the kind of hotel room you want for far less than the standard price. Check to see if you can get a hotel room for less!

LAX Airport Parking

How To Find The Best LAX Airport Parking Lots?

If you are looking for affordable LAX airport parking rates, you have come to the right place. LAX parking can not only be stressful but expensive too. This is why you need to make some minor adjustments to your planning when you are finding cheap LAX airport parking lots. This can help save major headaches on your Los Angeles travel days. This article provides important information on how to find the best LA parking spots.

If the price is one of your concerns, you need to check the numerous offsite parking lots available near the LAX airport. There are many private offsite parking lots adjoining the LAX airport. But they are not located on the grounds of LA airport. There are more than 25 odd companies that offer off-site parking lots just three miles from the LA airport. Their rates are budget-friendly and start at $8 per day. This is the best selling point of their service. But there are many other factors to consider when booking through one of these companies. Reserved parking is not available at LAX airport economy parking lot or lot C. Hence, finding a parking lot can be quite stressful when the flight times are looming. When you select an off-site parking lot, you have a parking space reserved for you. Working out such details in advance of your trip can save a lot of headaches on your LA trip.

There is a free shuttle that delivers you from the parking lot straight to the terminal. This is another advantage of off-site LAX parking. Shuttles are available for your return trip too. You need to check with the specific company for shuttle schedules and times. The website of the parking company will give all these details to you. Most of these parking sites offer free perks such as valet parking, free newspaper, auto spa services, and bottled water. If you want indoor or covered parking, there is no issue. You can find so many companies that offer this facility. In fact, even with all these facilities, off-site parking options are much cheaper compared to LAX on-site parking facilities. You also get enhanced security and free cancellation opportunities when you choose an off-site parking lot in LA.

There are many hotels near LA airport that offer free parking if you spend at least one night. This is another good option for people who are looking for cheap parking lots near LA airport. Considering the on-site LAX parking rates, spending one night at a hotel near the airport and availing yourself to their free parking option can be quite cheaper in the long run. This is why you need to consider this option too if you are looking for cheap parking spots near LAX airport.

In conclusion, LAX parking is not easy to find. It is quite stressful and expensive most of the time. The aforementioned article provides information on how to find the best Los Angeles airport parking lots.

10 Ways To Get Through LAX Airport Faster

LAX airport is undoubtedly one of the busiest airports in the world, but even small airports mean big delays these days. With the threat of terrorism greater than ever, you can’t catch a bus, plane or train without undergoing serious scrutiny, which translates to long waits. Here are 10 ways to get through LAX faster than you ever thought possible:

1. Arrive early. This can not be stressed enough; although your goal is to get through quickly, you need to give yourself and officials plenty of time to process you. If you arrive late, you’re going to be stressed, rushing and quite possibly, mess things up in line as you fumble to catch your plane.

2. Have all your paperwork on hand for presentation. Keep all your important paperwork, documents and tickets on your person as you proceed through the line and make sure it’s in order. Otherwise, you’ll cause unnecessary delays at the various checkpoints.

3. Look at LAX airport online before you head out. All airports can be confusing, but a bigger, very busy airport can be incredibly challenging to navigate. Look at layouts of the terminals you’ll be going through online, to familiarize yourself, making it easier and faster once you get there in person.

4. Know what you can and can’t pack to take with you. These rules are subject to change at any moment; therefore, it’s crucial that you know exactly what can and can’t be taken aboard. Check with the airport’s website before you pack and before you head out.

5. Sign up for the TSA pre-approved traveler program. If you travel often, this program is for you! It allows the TSA to keep track of the fact that you’re a trusted traveler, expediting your passage through airports all over the country.

6. Pack your belongings in see-through bags. Although tedious, if you pack your things in bags the authorities can check without opening, it’s a huge time saver. It’s also better for you if your travel-size shampoo bottle happens to leak.

7. Wear comfortable, slip-on shoes. You know the drill: they want you to take your shoes off for inspection purposes, but you always have to match or otherwise can’t stand the less attractive slip-on types, but this can be very helpful to you.

8. Stay on top of your flight schedule. Delays and cancellations are disappointing and cumbersome, but even worse if you don’t find out about them until the last minute!

9. Be organized as you proceed. Knowing where all of your things are, particularly those you will need as you get to your flight helps you be prepared at every station. It also helps to ease the stress of traveling, because you know you have what you need and can easily access it.

10. Read all signs and listen to LAX officials closely. Strategize your course through the airport thoroughly, making sure you are in the right lanes at all times and keep your ears peeled for audio messages from authorities. Sometimes, just listening to what’s going on in the line in front of you can help you be more prepared and therefore, save time and trouble.

If you have to get through LAX airport, you obviously want to do so as quickly as humanly possible. Avoid holding the lines up longer than needed, by adhering to these tips and hoping that others do the same, too.

Los Angeles Facts That You May Not Know!

A trip to Los Angeles makes for a great fun vacation. With so many sights to visit, so much sun to soak up and of course so many celebrities to spot, it’s no wonder that so many tourists come back to Los Angeles year after year.

If you’re heading to LA for the first time, or it’s a regular vacation destination for you, we’ve prepared a few Los Angeles facts that will likely whet your appetite for your upcoming trip. Here they come – enjoy!

1. An Enchanting Wooden Lighthouse

Lighthouses always have an appeal to tourists. If you’re heading to Los Angeles, then visiting a lighthouse may take on a unique enticement. In the state, Los Angeles has the last remaining wooden lighthouse. If you fancy a visit then you’ll want to head over to San Pedro’s Fermin Park.

2. Broadway Paradise

For many city lovers, heading for a city vacation always has one definite activity on the must-do list; heading to a night at the theater. If you’re heading to Los Angeles then you won’t be disappointed.

On the National Register of Historic Places, Los Angeles is noted as having the biggest historical theater district. If you want to see it for yourself, then head over to Downtown on Broadway for a memorable day or evening.

3. A Higher Fashion Workforce Than New York

There are a few industries in Los Angeles that are on the boom brink, one of these industries is the fashion one. There are a staggering 87,000 job positions within the fashion industry in Los Angeles, a figure higher than in New York.

4. A Very Diverse People

One thing that strikes any visitor to Los Angeles is the diversity of the people who live there. With around 47% of the population being made up of Hispanic or Latino, approximately 27% being White or non-Hispanic, and a remainder of Asian, Pacific Islander, African-American, American Indian and others nationalities, it is no wonder that Los Angeles has such a diverse feel!

5. A Unique Location

Of all the Los Angeles facts that exist, the geography of the area has to be one of the most interesting. With over 75 miles of coastline and a vast altitude range from 9 feet below sea level to a staggering 10,080 feet above sea level, this area doesn’t allow visitors to become bored! For the most part the Los Angeles area is a desert plain, encompassing the Sea Gabriel Mountain range and the Santa Monica Mountains.

5. Noted For Having The Perfect Climate

Los Angeles has been noted by many as having the perfect climate, and for good reason. From the cooling ocean breeze in the summer, to the many warm and sunny days and minimal rain, it could be said that every season is enjoyable in Los Angeles.

In terms of figures, Los Angeles has an average high temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit, and an average low temperature of 56 degrees Fahrenheit. On average there are 292 sunny or partly sunny days in this part of the world, certainly nothing to complain about!

So if you’re planning a trip to Los Angeles soon, or you’re just thinking about the idea, it’s well worth noting a few of the enticing facts related to the area. With many unique attractions to visit, including a wooden lighthouse and historical theater district, as well as a diverse population and a perfect climate, Los Angeles seems to create the perfect combination for holiday-makers. Why not read more unusual and unique facts about Los Angeles to ensure you make the most of your time away!