10 Ways To Get Through LAX Airport Faster

LAX airport is undoubtedly one of the busiest airports in the world, but even small airports mean big delays these days. With the threat of terrorism greater than ever, you can’t catch a bus, plane or train without undergoing serious scrutiny, which translates to long waits. Here are 10 ways to get through LAX faster than you ever thought possible:

1. Arrive early. This can not be stressed enough; although your goal is to get through quickly, you need to give yourself and officials plenty of time to process you. If you arrive late, you’re going to be stressed, rushing and quite possibly, mess things up in line as you fumble to catch your plane.

2. Have all your paperwork on hand for presentation. Keep all your important paperwork, documents and tickets on your person as you proceed through the line and make sure it’s in order. Otherwise, you’ll cause unnecessary delays at the various checkpoints.

3. Look at LAX airport online before you head out. All airports can be confusing, but a bigger, very busy airport can be incredibly challenging to navigate. Look at layouts of the terminals you’ll be going through online, to familiarize yourself, making it easier and faster once you get there in person.

4. Know what you can and can’t pack to take with you. These rules are subject to change at any moment; therefore, it’s crucial that you know exactly what can and can’t be taken aboard. Check with the airport’s website before you pack and before you head out.

5. Sign up for the TSA pre-approved traveler program. If you travel often, this program is for you! It allows the TSA to keep track of the fact that you’re a trusted traveler, expediting your passage through airports all over the country.

6. Pack your belongings in see-through bags. Although tedious, if you pack your things in bags the authorities can check without opening, it’s a huge time saver. It’s also better for you if your travel-size shampoo bottle happens to leak.

7. Wear comfortable, slip-on shoes. You know the drill: they want you to take your shoes off for inspection purposes, but you always have to match or otherwise can’t stand the less attractive slip-on types, but this can be very helpful to you.

8. Stay on top of your flight schedule. Delays and cancellations are disappointing and cumbersome, but even worse if you don’t find out about them until the last minute!

9. Be organized as you proceed. Knowing where all of your things are, particularly those you will need as you get to your flight helps you be prepared at every station. It also helps to ease the stress of traveling, because you know you have what you need and can easily access it.

10. Read all signs and listen to LAX officials closely. Strategize your course through the airport thoroughly, making sure you are in the right lanes at all times and keep your ears peeled for audio messages from authorities. Sometimes, just listening to what’s going on in the line in front of you can help you be more prepared and therefore, save time and trouble.

If you have to get through LAX airport, you obviously want to do so as quickly as humanly possible. Avoid holding the lines up longer than needed, by adhering to these tips and hoping that others do the same, too.