Canada ETA – A Quick Guide To The Application Process

Planning to travel abroad can at times feel rather overwhelming to say the least. It can seem like there are so many things to plan and organise and so little time to complete it all!

When it comes to travelling to Canada, organising an ETA for travel may initially seem like a rather daunting process. That’s why we have compiled a quick and clear guide to your Canada ETA application process – we hope it’s of help to you!

What Do You Need If You Want To Apply For A Canada ETA?

Applications must be accompanied by a valid passport, a credit card, a debit card and a valid email address.

What Types Of Credit Cards And Debit Cards Are Accepted?

For credit cards, you can provide Visa, American Express or MasterCard. Pre-paid forms of these cards are also acceptable.

For debit cards, you can provide Visa Debit, Interac and JCB.

How Much Does It Cost To Apply For A Canada ETA?

The cost of application for an ETA is $7 CAD.

How Long Does It Take To Apply For A Canada ETA?

The process is surprisingly quick. In fact, you can expect to have it completed within a few minutes.

How Long Is A Canada ETA Valid For?

Once you have obtained your ETA for travel to Canada, it will remain valid for a maximum of five years.

Are There Any New Requirements Which I Should Know About?

Foreign nationals who are visa-exempt now need an ETA if they plan to transit through Canada or fly to Canada. Exceptions to this are U.S. citizens and U.S. travellers who already have a valid Canadian visa.

Who Cannot Apply For An ETA?

Canadian permanent residents and Canadian citizens (this includes those who hold a dual citizenship) are not able to apply for an ETA.

Certainly, there are a number of factors involved in applying for a Canada ETA. That being said, the process does tend to be a quick, simple and straight-forward one. Understanding what is required to apply for an ETA, how much it costs, how long it will be valid for and any exceptions that apply, will make the process run as smoothly as possible.

Once you have successfully obtained your ETA all that is left to be done is enjoy your travel to the beautiful and memorable country of Canada.