An ESTA US visa is now a reality and anyone who is eligible for the visa waiver program will need to have an ESTA authorization before traveling into the United States. This is causing some confusion among travelers from different countries however the confusion need not be necessary because the US State Department has created an excellent website that will help any traveler with whatever question they have.

Some the questions that are being asked by travelers are what is an ESTA US visa? What is the difference between a visa and ESTA? What is the Visa waiver program? When must a person obtain ESTA authorization before they travel to the United States? If a person lives in Mexico or Canada is it necessary to apply for an ESTA application if they plan to drive into the United States? These and many other questions can be answered by visiting the government’s helpful website.

It is obvious that the government of the United States is serious about protecting its citizens. Throughout the world we see incidences of terror and destruction by terrorist groups who have no concern for human life. The United States does not want any of these terrorist acts to occur within its borders and they therefore have developed an online electronic authorization system to help honest citizens from other countries to legally enter into the United States.

The application for an ESTA visa authorization is simple to do. You will receive an answer to your application within a few minutes and in most cases it will be done within 20 minutes. There will be a fee charged for the processing which is $4 US. There will also be a fee charged for anyone that is approved of $10 US. If you are not approved for authorization then you will not have to pay anything except for the $4 US processing fee.

Once you have received your ESTA authorization you will be at able to enter into the United States as often as you wish within the time limit of visa. There will be a 90 day maximum time period for anyone to remain in the United States using this authorization. There is no set time limit yet established for how long of a duration is required before you can re-enter into the United States. However, it would not be advisable to re-enter too soon because this may appear as if you are trying to live in the United States.