What You Need To Know About ETA Canada

The ETA Canada is the latest requirements for the visa-exempt “foreign nationals” that plan to travel to Canada by air. These entry requirements became mandatory from the 15 March 2016. This allows the country of Canada to screen the travelers before arrival. This authorization is linked electronically to the person’s passport and will be valid for a period of 5 years or until such stage that the person’s passport has expired.

Who Will Need An ETA Canada?

Only the applicants that are holders of ETA eligible passports from the following countries are able to apply:




•Solomon Islands




•San Marino


•Saint Helena

•Republic of Korea



•Pitcairn Island

•Papua New Guinea


•New Zealand




















•Falkland Islands



•Czech Republic




•Cayman Islands

•Brunei Darussalam

•British Virgin Islands










In addition, these foreign nationals may also apply for an ETA:

•People who are admitted lawfully to the U.S. for permanent residence

•The British overseas citizens that have moved to other countires but are still re-admissible to the U.K.

•Holders of travel documents or passports issued by Holy See.

•Holders of national Israeli passports

•The holders of passports issued from the United Kingdom to British National as an individual born, registered or naturalized in the country of Hong Kong.

•Holders of ordinary passports that have been issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan which includes personal identification numbers of this individual.

Do You Need To Apply For ETAs Every Time You Travel?

No. Once you have received approval for your ETA, it will be valid for a period of 5 years or until such stage that your passport has expired.The ETA will fall away in regards to which comes first

What Should You Do If Your Application For Your ETA Is Not Approved Immediately?

While the majority of ETAs are issued within a few minutes, some may take a bit longer in order to process. If you find this is the case with your application, you may need to provide additional information for approval. You can also ask for assistance on the site that you choose to apply for your ETA on. There are also no age restrictions on the ETA.