Los Angeles Facts That You May Not Know!

A trip to Los Angeles makes for a great fun vacation. With so many sights to visit, so much sun to soak up and of course so many celebrities to spot, it’s no wonder that so many tourists come back to Los Angeles year after year.

If you’re heading to LA for the first time, or it’s a regular vacation destination for you, we’ve prepared a few Los Angeles facts that will likely whet your appetite for your upcoming trip. Here they come – enjoy!

1. An Enchanting Wooden Lighthouse

Lighthouses always have an appeal to tourists. If you’re heading to Los Angeles, then visiting a lighthouse may take on a unique enticement. In the state, Los Angeles has the last remaining wooden lighthouse. If you fancy a visit then you’ll want to head over to San Pedro’s Fermin Park.

2. Broadway Paradise

For many city lovers, heading for a city vacation always has one definite activity on the must-do list; heading to a night at the theater. If you’re heading to Los Angeles then you won’t be disappointed.

On the National Register of Historic Places, Los Angeles is noted as having the biggest historical theater district. If you want to see it for yourself, then head over to Downtown on Broadway for a memorable day or evening.

3. A Higher Fashion Workforce Than New York

There are a few industries in Los Angeles that are on the boom brink, one of these industries is the fashion one. There are a staggering 87,000 job positions within the fashion industry in Los Angeles, a figure higher than in New York.

4. A Very Diverse People

One thing that strikes any visitor to Los Angeles is the diversity of the people who live there. With around 47% of the population being made up of Hispanic or Latino, approximately 27% being White or non-Hispanic, and a remainder of Asian, Pacific Islander, African-American, American Indian and others nationalities, it is no wonder that Los Angeles has such a diverse feel!

5. A Unique Location

Of all the Los Angeles facts that exist, the geography of the area has to be one of the most interesting. With over 75 miles of coastline and a vast altitude range from 9 feet below sea level to a staggering 10,080 feet above sea level, this area doesn’t allow visitors to become bored! For the most part the Los Angeles area is a desert plain, encompassing the Sea Gabriel Mountain range and the Santa Monica Mountains.

5. Noted For Having The Perfect Climate

Los Angeles has been noted by many as having the perfect climate, and for good reason. From the cooling ocean breeze in the summer, to the many warm and sunny days and minimal rain, it could be said that every season is enjoyable in Los Angeles.

In terms of figures, Los Angeles has an average high temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit, and an average low temperature of 56 degrees Fahrenheit. On average there are 292 sunny or partly sunny days in this part of the world, certainly nothing to complain about!

So if you’re planning a trip to Los Angeles soon, or you’re just thinking about the idea, it’s well worth noting a few of the enticing facts related to the area. With many unique attractions to visit, including a wooden lighthouse and historical theater district, as well as a diverse population and a perfect climate, Los Angeles seems to create the perfect combination for holiday-makers. Why not read more unusual and unique facts about Los Angeles to ensure you make the most of your time away!